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I’m here to teach you everything I know about the cybersecurity space from an investor’s point of view.

Hi! I’m Penny, and I’ve been involved in Cybersecurity research consulting since 2017. My firm provides research consulting services to institutional investors who invest in the cybersecurity space. Prior to 2017, I worked in various roles at software companies, both technical and business oriented.

Before we go any further, I know there is a lot of noise out there in the retail investing world. I personally ignore the majority of people who try to provide any information whatsoever to retail investors, even though I would love to learn another sector. I ignore it because I have no way of knowing what their motivations are, what their performance is like, or why I should even be listening to them.

In the spirit of that feeling, and because I realize you may be feeling the same way, I’ve been putting my positions into a platform called Savvy Trader, which was started by a friend of mine. There you can see my positions, performance, and general market commentary, if that is of interest to you. Generally, I’m not in positions long enough where anything I write would have an impact on my portfolio (even if I had a huge following), which will be evident when you look it over.

Plus, you will not see me make any recommendations about what to buy or sell. Instead, I’m going to write a lot of pieces that compare and contrast vendors and talk about how they compete with one another. Sometimes it will be because I notice interesting movement in a stock, and I want to speculate about why that might be happening, sometimes it will be an analysis of headlines or earnings, and sometimes I just have really strong opinions about things and feel the need to tell people about it.

Now that that’s out of the way…

I started this publication because I love all things market related, and the cybersecurity space is my little corner of the world where I feel like I can share things of value with you. I really enjoy it. My ultimate goal is to inspire a legion of cybersecurity investors who can challenge my ways of thinking down the road, and help me become even better at what I do.

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If you are an institutional investor and would like to subscribe to our professional research, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Disclosure: I am not an Investment Advisor, and the information I provide through this publication is not investment advice. Do your own research.

You can see my positions, performance, and general market commentary here:

Cybersecurity Portfolio on Savvy Trader

I write these articles myself, and they expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for them (other than through Substack, when the time comes). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in these articles.

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I provide cybersecurity research consulting services to institutional investors, and I'm here to teach you what I know about the cybersecurity space. This publication is geared for the investing community, rather than cybersecurity practitioners.


I work for a firm that provides cybersecurity research to institutional investors, and I'm an investor in the cybersecurity space. I'm here to help you learn about it too.